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We have aligned our curriculum with the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress, and have

used the domains and components in order to build our curriculum. Those domains and components

are as follows:

   Social and Emotional Development

       Trust and Emotional Security



       Relationships with Other Children

   Language Development and Communication

       Listening and Understanding

       Communicating and Speaking

       Emergent Literacy

   Cognitive Development

       Exploration and Discovery


       Problem Solving

       Imitation and Symbolic Play

   Physical and Motor Development

       Gross Motor Development

       Fine Motor Development

       Physical Health and Well-Being

A child care program must provide DAILY access to the following interest areas:

   Creative Arts and Crafts


   Dramatic or Practical Life Activities



   Fine Motor Activities

   Large Muscle Activities

   Sensory Stimulation Activities

It is essential that each of these areas and activities are offered to the children each and every day!

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