Preschoolers (33 months up to first day of Kindergarten): $190/week 

Our Preschool Room is split into 2 groups, referred to as “Preschool 1” (children 30 months – approximately 3 ½ years) and “Preschool 2” (approximately 3 ½ years – 5 years/Kindergarten).

The preschoolers will be split into these groups from 8:15am until 3:00pm. During this
time, Miss Emily will instruct Preschool 1 and Miss Allyson will instruct Preschool 2 on opposite
ends of the classroom. This ensures that all children in our Preschool Room are getting
developmentally appropriate instruction, as well as smaller group sizes to support their learning
and development.

BBLC preschoolers have a regular routine of scheduled activities. A schedule of activities is posted in

the Preschool Rooms. This routine is followed daily in order to provide a secure and predictable environment

for the children.


A lesson plan for the week’s activities is posted in the Preschool Rooms in order to keep parents informed

of their child’s week. Parents and staff are encouraged to keep the communication lines open

in order to provide the best experience possible for the children.


Some of the daily basics in our Preschool rooms:

 - Circle Time Activities                         - Pre-Literacy Activities

 - Finger Plays                                          - Pre-Math Activities

 - Story Time                                            - Puzzles/Games

 - Songs                                                     - Outdoor Time/Gym Time

 - Musical instruments                           - Book Area

 - Dramatic play area                              - Quiet area

 - Art Activities                                         - Sensory Table

 - A variety of Sensory toys (touch, hearing, visual, smelling)

 - Science Activities

 - Lots and Lots of TLC